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These Brudee sonic toothbrush
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  4.9 / 5

These Brudee sonic toothbrush reviews are unedited and non-incentivized. Just real reviews from real Brudee customers

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Brudee Sonic Toothbrush
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 by Farahyan on Brudee Sonic Toothbrush
Amazingly clean and beautiful toothbrush

Brudee sonic one is sleek in design, portable, and makes brushing your teeth nearly thoughtless. It signals how long you should be brushing your teeth, both in terms of each section as well as total. It's a great toothbrush that I didn't know I needed until I got it.

 by Jessie on Brudee Sonic Toothbrush
Second warranty claim in two months

I have both the white (micro USB) and black (USB C) toothbrushes. I compared the toothbrushes and found that the quality of the white toothbrush is inferior to the black one. The white toothbrush produced less vibration. In my case, it stopped vibrating after a few weeks of use. Even when fully charged, the white toothbrush is still not as powerful as the black toothbrush. I have just submitted a second warranty request in two months. I am hoping there will not be a third time. I do not recommend buying the white/micro USB toothbrush.

 by Sabrina Ong on Brudee Sonic Toothbrush
Great quality item

My husband and I love our toothbrushes. Having the replacement heads shipped every three months automatically is so convenient. The toothbrushes do a great job of cleaning your teeth. I really like the timer so I know I brushed for the proper amount of time. The convenience of an electric toothbrush without the hassle of plugging it in. The toothbrushes are super easy to take traveling with travel case. Get this toothbrush. You will not regret it.

 by Nancy Cho on Brudee Sonic Toothbrush
Amazing customer service and product!

My dentist recommended this brush for my son who is visually impaired and struggles with brushing his teeth and gums. The Brudee toothbrush has intuitive speeds and sensor beets to teach him to brush harder or softer or longer in one location. He loves the brush and in 2 weeks his teeth look much better!

 by Claudia Ong on Brudee Sonic Toothbrush

Not one to write reviews...except when the product is so good everyone must know about it. I lOVE this toothbrush! I went from hating the whole oral care routine to - is this possible? - kind of looking forward to it. I use my Brudee with the sensitive mode -- which is just right for my sensitive teeth. The brush head is small enough to fit into all angles of my mouth, but the bristles themselves spread widely to cover/clean every angle of each tooth. Battery lasts forever and it looks cute on the vanity, too. But honestly -- it's the superiority of the CLEAN that's worth shouting from the rooftops. Thank you, Brudee!

 by J on Brudee Sonic Toothbrush
Disappointed. After sales service could be improved.

Got it from a local dentist, thought of supporting local brand, but the after sales service is really a disappointment.
The toothbrush broke down within half year, but I thought electrical appliance comes with at least 1 year warranty, who knows it only comes with half year warranty. End up I reported one week later after the warranty expired.
So they ask me to send back the defected item and said maybe I can appeal for a free replacement. I sent back the unit, bearing my own postage, and there's a staff calling me asking me the reason of sending it and I told her its a return unit. Then nobody contact me after.
After one week I talk to the PIC and they said they didn't receive my return unit. Then who is the one calling me? Apparently they don't have a proper internal communication.
And only by then they told me I need to pay RM 65 for the replacement because my appeal failed. On top of that I still need to bear the postage again because I don't have a subscription plan. Ya I understand that this is your marketing strategy to ask people to sign up for your subscription plan. But looking at your product quality and after sales service, its time for me to check out other brand.

 by Kengi on Brudee Sonic Toothbrush

This is my first electric toothbrush. It’s been a GAME CHANGER! My teeth are extremely sensitive so I’ve always been hesitant about getting a electric brush because I feel as if it might be too harsh. but it’s been the best thing that has happened to my oral health!!! Bought the smoke black. My house is completely black and white so goes insanely well with my style. Aesthetically pleasing is a HUGE BONUS!

 by Brenda on Brudee Sonic Toothbrush
Love my Brudee

I was hesitant at first because of the social media marketing hype... was it actually a good product, or did they just have a strong ability to advertise? I don’t remember oral hygiene life before my brudee and never want to go back. I travel alot so this is perfect for me. Its sanitary, aesthetically pleasing, feels great and hopefully good for my chompers!

 by Lucy on Brudee Sonic Toothbrush

When I first turned on my toothbrush it made a buzzing noise and I was afraid there it might not be suitable for me. However, I have gotten used to the buzzing because the bristles give me the cleanest teeth I have experienced with any toothbrush. Thank you!

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