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What matters

The key to oral health is good habits, not gimmicks! It’s less about which brush you use, more about how well you use it!

Consistent routine

Consistent routine

Consistent brushing and flossing is the simple trick to preventing major oral health problems, yet 50% of us don’t brush twice a day and even fewer floss.

Routine tips

Correct technique

Correct technique

We’ve been led to believe that the more we spend and the more power we brush with, the better the clean, but it’s not about what you use, it’s the way you use it!

Technique tips

Regular upkeep

Regular upkeep

Regular product maintenance and dental visits are a health need, not just a hygiene one, yet 75% of us don’t refresh our bristles or visit the dentist on time.

Upkeep tips

Consistency is key to perfect, preventative care

Brush AM+PM

AM brushing is crucial, but PM even more so! Sugar and debris left on teeth overnight is a breeding ground for plaque, so no skipping!

Daytime care

Daytime maintenance can be a game changer! Take brudee to work, floss after lunch or chew sugar free gum. Every little helps!

Daily flossing

Flossing is arguably even more important than brushing yet many of us fail to do so. Stop plaque before it starts by flossing daily!

It’s not what you use, it’s the way you use it!

Pea-size paste

You don’t need an inch of toothpaste as TV ads suggest! Apply a pea-size portion of toothpaste is clean enough. It will save your wallet too!

Brush gently

Brushing harder does not mean brushing better and is a root cause of receding gums. Grip brush in fingertips and brush gently!

Angle at 45°

The main focus of brushing should be on removing debris between teeth and gums. Angle your brush at 45° for a helping hand!

Short strokes

Rather than movie style circular brushing or sweeping back and forth movements, brush using short, tooth size strokes.

Every surface

The hidden surfaces of your teeth are most susceptible to plaque and often forgotten. Be sure to brush every surface of each tooth!

Full 2 minutes

According to dentist’s advice, brushing time should be not more than 2 minutes. You can press the button again for continue brushing.

Regular upkeep is a health need, not just a hygiene one

1 month refresh

Water, toothpaste and bathroom air create a tough environment to store a brush. To clean the brush head, fasten the brush head to right and pull up.

3 month replacement

Worn bristles are unhygienic and ineffective. Replace your brush head with the fresh one we send you every 3 months as part of your refill plan!

Yearly checkup

Dental checkup is recommended at least once per year. It’s a good habit to visit your dentist for oral health checkup annually.

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